Band Eisteddfod

Last week, 12 students from Prouille joined students from St Bernard’s to perform at the Ryde Eisteddfod. It was a wonderful day to mingle, meet new friends and produce some outstanding music. The band students performed Swinging like Monkeys and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Last year we scored 80/100 and this year achieved an even better result at 83/100.

While we didn’t place first, the students should be commended on the better result than last year and their exemplary behaviour. We are so proud of how our students have tackled the challenging Eisteddfod pieces. Our program was much more challenging than last year, yet our students stepped up and produced music of a high standard.

Our ensemble sound has matured, and we played with a true sense of style! The musicians’ fun and energy shone through in their performance. I would like to thank everyone for the countless practice hours they have put in, as well as the parents for the countless hours nagging them to do said practice!

Matthew Blenman and Kathryn Ney