Enrol Now for Kindy 2025

Enrol your Kindy Child for the Best Start in Life

If you are enrolling for Kindy 2025, we are currently conducting interviews and places are becoming limited. Please contact us as soon as possible on phone (02) 7256 2146 or email prouille@dbb.org.au

Discover why Prouille offers your child the best possible start in life.

Prouille is a school of immense learning opportunities and innovation, supported by a nurturing and faith-led environment. Our learning specialists aim to instil a love of learning and foster a spirit of wellbeing within our students.

Prouille welcomes students and families of all backgrounds and faiths. Prouille has a strong school spirit and has a welcoming, nurturing community. There is also a strong family tradition of attending Prouille, with many returning generations of children/grandchildren, which has created wonderful family spirit. Prouille strives to educate all children in the search for truth in a changing and challenging world. We strive to nurture and support the development of each child through an authentic and holistic education that caters specifically for all students’ individual needs. We strive to empower our students to responsible and compassionate action that provokes hope and optimism.

Prouille is a school that recognises each child as being unique. We are a school community where a friendly, trusting collaboration between all members of the school community is fostered for the ongoing development of each individual.

Please note that enrolment positions for 2025 and beyond are subject to availability. We endeavour to maintain favourable class sizes and teaching ratios, thereby enhancing student outcomes.