Vision and Mission

Inspired by our Dominican heritage, we strive to educate individuals in the search for truth in a changing and challenging world by nurturing and supporting the development of each student through an authentic and holistic education.

We endeavour to empower our students to responsible and compassionate action that engenders a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

In pursuing our Mission we:

  • encourage students and community members to celebrate our Catholic identity.
  • embrace the Dominican values.
  • develop in each student an appreciation of their gifts and a desire to achieve personal excellence.
  • nurture reverence and respect for God’s creation through an awareness of our responsibility as co-creators of our natural environment.
  • challenge students to dialogue, question and discern meaning in their search for truth.
  • respond to and support the needs and interests of each student through a contemporary and innovative curriculum.
  • create an environment in which students feel safe to take risks with their learning.
  • model respectful relationships.
  • foster a sense of community working together in a spirit of “welcome” and collaboration

Dominican Values

St Dominic taught us to help live our lives well. He gave us values to help us to be more like Jesus.

JUSTICE means helping everyone to live a life that is free and equal.

TRUTH means being honest to all who we love.

KNOWLEDGE means learning from those around us.

COMMUNITY means being friends with everyone.

UNITY OF CREATION means caring for the natural world God gave us and being a steward for all living things.

BEAUTY means respecting and loving all things beautiful in our lives.

INDIVIDUALITY means having the courage to be proud of who we are.

PRAYER AND CONTEMPLATION means talking to Jesus and giving thanks for our wonderful life.

JOYFULNESS means celebrating the gifts God has given us.

PEACE AND PEACE MAKING means living in harmony with all of God’s people.

May we always try to live these values each and every day.