Our Librarian is Mrs Neilson

Book Week

Book Week is an annual event which promotes a love for reading across the school. Children are encouraged to get dressed up as their favourite book character. Children also participate in partner-reading, with older students pairing up with the younger students to enjoy varying forms of literature. As well, the Year 6 Library Leaders engage the children from K-5 in targeted Book Quizzes about short-listed books that are featured, and shared, in the lead up to Book Week.

‘Night of the Notables’

This evening is a joint venture between Library and Year 5. Mrs Neilson and the Year 5 teachers work closely to engage the Year 5 students in a research-based project that allows each student to focus on a notable Australian person. The Year 5 student then showcases their learning through ‘adopting the persona’ of their chosen notable and presenting a talk and table of memorabilia and information.