School Uniform

At Prouille we aim to create a school community that cares for their students and students who care about themselves.

A unique and special uniform is one way  of creating a sense of  belonging for students to their school and a pride in their school and themselves. Current research shows that children who identify well with and are proud of their school have a greater sense of belonging and therefore a greater resilience to bullying and some of life’s problems they encounter.

Uniform requirements & Second Hand Uniforms

Cowan and Lewis 

Prouille school uniforms are available from Cowan and Lewis.

Address: 1315 Pacific Highway, Turramurra, 2074
Telephone: 02 9449 9777

Prouille uniform online order Cowan and Lewis
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  • Online orders are delivered to Prouille each Tuesday and Thursday and will be sent home with your child.  Orders placed prior to 11am on each delivery day noted above will be included.