Parents and Friends’ Association

Welcome to 2023

The Prouille Parents and Friends Association (P&F) plays an important role at Prouille Catholic Primary School by providing a link between parents, school, Parish and the broader community. The P&F encourages and promotes greater communication and connection within the school community, working together to achieve a common goal. The Prouille P&F is made up of a group of Parents that have volunteered their time to help provide parental support to the school community and our students.

Our aim is:

  • to work in collaboration with the school, families, parish and the broader community
  • to help grow and strengthen partnerships within our community
  • to help achieve positive outcomes for our children’s development and learning

We work towards achieving our aims by:

  • building positive partnerships with the school, parish and the broader community
  • make connections with all associated with our school to help grow and nurture a community that is inclusive, faith filled, friendly and welcoming
  • provide parental perspective to assist the Principal in decision making
  • organise fund raising activities that help provide our school with resources and opportunities that will enhance the learning environment of our school
  • appointing Catholic School Parents (CSP) representative (formally known as DCP) to represent parents at diocesan level and with the Council of Catholic School Parents (NSW)
  • provide opportunities for parents/carers to gain insights into school life
  • support parents/carers in their responsibilities and encourage involvement in their children’s learning both at school and at home
  • appoint a Parish Liaison to work with the parish community to develop effective relationships to further support the faith development of students

If you wish to get in contact,  please email:

2023 P&F Handbook 2023 Action Plan General Meeting Minutes - Term 1 General Meeting Minutes - Term 2
P&F Committee for 2023
Co-Presidents Colleen Haigh & Ana Murray
Vice President Libby Ringrose
Secretary Louise Kerr
Treasurer Michelle Lee
Parish Liaison Libby Ringrose
Social Coordinator * Position Vacant *
CSP Rep/Parent Engagement Kevin Chenney
Second-hand Uniform Coordinator June Ahearn
Stage Coordinators K-2 Emma Coupland & Dani Fitzgibbon
Stage Coordinators 3-4 Nadean Richards & Fleur Ronald
Stage Coordinator 5-6 Sarah Ward & Laura Munce