Parents and Friends’ Association

Welcome to 2022

The Prouille Parents & Friends’ Association is an important, and highly valued, sector of the total school community. We aim to build and maintain a strong partnership between family, school, parish and community, for the benefit of the children’s learning and development.

We support the Prouille Community by:

  • Reaching out and building a friendly, welcoming community;
  • Providing a parental perspective to assist the principal in decision making processes;
  • Organising social activities to bring parents and families together;
  • Providing a range of opportunities for involvement in the school community including Diocesan Parent Council, Social Events, Class Parents, P&F Executive Committee, Fundraising, Ice Block Sales and Communications (both internal/external);
  • Raising funds to provide resources and opportunities for enriching the learning environment of the school;
  • Providing opportunities for parents and carers to gain insights into the life of the school,
  • Providing a link between our Prouille Parent Community and the Diocesan Parent Council (DPC) to have a voice at diocesan level and with the Council of Catholic School In the organisation of social activities to bring parents together, to enhance the community of the school;
  • Liaising with the parish to develop effective relationships to further support the faith development of the students.

                                       If you wish to get in contact,  please email:

P&F Committee for 2022
Co-Presidents Laura Munce & Michelle Lee
Treasurer Fraser Ronald
Secretary Louise Kerr
Social Coordinator Colleen Haigh
DPC Rep/Parent Engagement Libby Ringrose
Second-hand Uniform Coordinator Laura Brady
Stage Coordinators 3-4 Nadean Richards & Fleur Ronald
Stage Coordinator 5-6 Rebecca Boyd & June Ahern