Student Leadership

At Prouille we identify the importance of discipleship and what this means for our students in their day to day interactions with each other. Leadership is encouraged and developed in all aspects of classroom life. This enables children to understand themselves, grow as learners and develop as leaders. At Prouille, we want children to have this experience and to understand that every child is a leader and that leadership is a responsibility we all share. All students, be they in Kindergarten or Year 6, have an important and public role to play in contributing to the school community.

“The foundation of a collaborative learning community is collaboration – working together for common goals, partnership, shared leadership, co-evolving and co-learning – rather than competition and power given only to a few.” Julie Boyd and Carole Cooper

Our senior students in Year 6 are formed more explicitly in their leadership responsibilities, and these are aligned with servant leadership qualities. They are given many opportunities to fulfil this role and responsibility throughout the year. The roles of leadership within the school are:

  • School Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • Mission Leader
  • SRC Executive
  • Colour House Captain
  • Library Leader
  • Environment Leader
  • ICLT Leader